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We all know importance of food in our life. Food has power to bring us together. It can bring smile on faces. It is part of celebration. I gives satisfaction in hunger. It gives energy to stand. We connect food to many things.

I asked to many of my friends, what does food mean to them. Answer was as follows:

Life Survival Memories Taste Content Energy

For me it is refreshment, whenever I cook I feel refreshed. Food connect people. It has power to express your emotions to your loved ones. Whenever you feel happy you think - Aaj kuch acha banatey hai ya aaj kuch acha order kartey hai. Simillarly when you are upset sometimes the food you cook express your feelings there also.

Whenever we are far, we miss maa ke hath ka khana. Or whenever we find some traditional classic recipe, it reminds us - My Grandma use to cook this so well. What does that food has special in it? What special ingredients it has? It has that one special ingredient called "Their Touch" yes their touch their emotions towards the loved ones makes the dish rich. It makes us satisfied.

Cooking food is beautiful art. There is no single recipe for any food. When it goes through different hands it lives a different variation in it. Whenever you try to cook, there is something new you learn. Even if your recipe fails, you definately learn to create something new.

Journey of finding something new. Journey of creating that memorable cuisine for someone. Journey of connecting with people. Journey of inspiring people to cook awesome food is what MagicTadka believes in. Welcome to the place which is all yours. Help us to bond with you. Express your thoughts so that we improve together and create something better something satisfying.

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