Dry Fruits Ladoo

Dry Fruits Ladoo




5 min


15 min

Main Ingredients

Cashewnuts 50 grams
Almonds 50 grams
Jaggery (Gud) 100 grams
Peanuts 70 grams
Dry Fruits Laddu

Dry Fruits Laddu

Dry roast 70 gram peanuts, 50 gram chashewnuts and 50 gram almonds.

Now grind peanuts into coarse powder first after cooling. Then grind cashew and almonds to coarse powder. Keep the mixture aside.

Now in a wok, kadhai or pan on low flame put 100 grand of jaggery cut into small pieces.

Allow it to melt. Once it melts, cook for another 5 minutes or till you reach the consistency of forming laddus.

To check consistency with help of spoon drop the jaggery into bowl of water. With help of your fingers see if the mixture is coming together and if you can form a small ball of it.

If you are able to do it then its time to add our dry fruits else you have to cook for some more time till you reach right laddu consistency.

Once you get the right consistency, add dry fruits powder to it and mix properly.

Switch off the flame and allow it to rest for sometime. Mixture has to be not too cold nor too hot to form laddus / laddoos. It should be such that your hand can bear the heat while shaping laddus.

Wet your hands with water. With help of spoon take small portion of mixture, press with palm and shape laddus / laddoo.

You can store in air tight container and enjoy laddoos whenever you want.


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