Things To Know About Lord Krishna


Lord Krishna

Stunning eyes, curly hair, cute face – Mamma’s boy Krishna also known as murlidhar, ladoo Gopalji, nattkhat, maakhan chorus, keshav, madhav and many more names he has is almost everyone’s favourite.

Every girl dreams her companion to be like Krishna and every Mom wants her child to be like Krishna.

Krishn was very natourious, adorable kid who steals almost everyone’s heart.

He is friend, lover, son and teacher. Loved by everyone. His nattkhat andar with his innocent smile use to attract everyone towards him.

Maakhan chor Krishn with his friends use to steal maakhan (butter) from his villagers house kept in pots (matki / hand). He use to love maakhan (butter) so was named maakhan chor.

Krishna With Gopies

Krishna With Gopies

What does Krishna likes to eat?

Maakhan was Krishna’s favourite. Gopal also use to love sweets. Ladoo was his favourite too that’s the reason he was called ladoo gopal. Kanha used to love milk and milk products (dahi, kheer, pedal, etc.)

What fruits does Krishna loves?

Krishna use to love guavas. Fruits like guava, banana, apple, cucumber,etc are used on Janmashtami.

What is Krishna’s favourite color?

Gopals favourite color is yellow and blue. he is called as nilambar and pitambar.

What is Krishna’s favourite flower?

Krishna use to love kadam flowers. He use to sit on kadam tree for long hours with his murli and spread his love of music around people. Apart from kadam Jasmine, Mogra, Aprajit, Tuberose was his favourite flowers.

Kadam Flower

Kadam Flower

Krishna’s favourite animal:

Kanha’s favourite animal is cow. Gopal used to love spending his time with cows. He used to treat cows like his mother.

Foods and prasad prepared during Janmashtami:

Many people fast during Janmashtami. Gopalkala and srikhand is prepared as prasad in Northside of India during Janmashtami.

Panchamrit (mixture of honey, gangajal, curd, ghee and milk) is prepared for Lord Krishna.

Desserts like phirni, kheer, basundi, mishti dohi, singhada halwa, dudhi halwa (bottle gourd halwa) are prepared for Lord Krishna during Gokulashtmi.




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