Yam Ginger Chilly Pickle

Yam Ginger Chilly Pickle


40 min

Pickle Ingredients

Yam (Suran) 100 gms
Green Chillies 100 gms
Ginger 100 gms
Lemons 10-11
Mustard Oil As per requirement.
Yam Ginger Chilly Pickle

Yam Ginger Chilly Pickle

Yam Ginger Chilly Pickle Recipe:
We require 100 gms chilly, 100 gms ginger, 100 gms yam, salt and lemon juice of 10-11 lemon.

Wash everything properly with water. Remove the skin of yaam. Cut yam into small pieces. Simillarly cut ginger and green chillies into rough medium size pieces.

Allow yam, ginger and chillies to dry in fan or sunlight for 15-20 minutes as if they are wet our pickle will not last for long.

Once yam, ginger and chillies are dried take them in a stone spice crusher or any other spice crusher. Press and crush it.
Repeat the same process.

Now mix everything crushed ginger, green chillies and chrushed yam together. Put salt and mix again.
Now put this mixture in a air tight bottle and mustard oil such that mustard oil is enough and nicely coated to the mixture. Now add juice of 10 to 11 medium size lemons.

Close the lid and slightly shake such that pickle gets mixed with mustard oil and lemon juice.

You can use pickle for eating from this stage as well. Store it in airtight bottle and have it with parathas or dal rice or something else of your choice.


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