Kolar Bora (Ripe Banana Fritters)

Kolar Bora (Ripe Banana Fritters)




5 min


10 min

Main Ingredients

Ripe Banana 3
Wheat Flour 3-4 Tablespoon
Rice Flour 3-4 Tablespoon
Sugar 3-4 Tablespoon
Salt Pinch Of
Fenel Seeds (Saunf) Some
Dry Coconut Pieces 1 Tablespoon
Oil For Frying
Kolar Bora

Kolar Bora

Kolar bora is one of the popular Bengali dish. It is mostly prepared during durga puja. Kolar is for banana and boras is for vada or pakora (fritters).

How To Make Kolar Bora:

In a vessel, take 3 ripe bananas and mash it.

Put 3-4 tablespoon rice flour and 3-4 tablespoon wheat flour.

Put pinch of salt and 3-4 tablespoon sugar in it. Banana is already sweet so we should not add too much sugar.

Put fenel seeds (saunf) in it along with dry coconut pieces.

Mash and mix everything together.

Your batter should not be too watery. It should have consistency like pakoras batter.

Add some more wheat flour if you feel batter is too watery.

Heat oil for frying kolar bora. When oil is hot enough, with help of your hand or spoon take some quantity of batter and shaper boras in oil.

Fry all boras from both the sides till color changes to reddish brown. Switch off the flame.

Kolar boras are ready to be served.


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