Kaju Pista Rolls Recipe

Kaju Pista Rolls Recipe




15 min


25 min

Main Ingredients

Kaju (Cashews) 100 gms
Pistachoes (Pista) 100 gms
Sugar 200 gms
Water 200 ml
Kaju Pista Roll

Kaju Pista Roll

India is known for its sweets rasgulla, ladoo, jalebi, kaju katri and many more. Kaju Pista Rolls are one of it.

Lets take a look at how to make Kaju Pista Rolls:

Grind 100 gms chashew (kaju) and 100 gms pista each separately in batches. Keep aside in a plate separately.

Now we have to prepare chasni for the rolls. First we will be preparing pista roll.

Take 100 gms sugar with 100 ml water and keep it to boil. Keep stirring in between till we get 1 string consistency.

Once we get 1 string consistency, add pista powder to it and switch off the flame.

Keep stirring continously till the batter becomes thick.

Remove the pista batter and put it on thick plastic or silver foil. With help of your hands knead the dough when it is hot enough to handle. Roll the pista dough into roll. Simillarly we have to repeat same process with cashew (kaju) powder.

Take 100 gms with 100 ml water and boil till you get 1 string consistency.

Switch off the flame once you get 1 string consistency. Add kaju powder and keep stirring till it becomes thick.

Take kaju mixture on thick on silver foil or thick plastic. With help of your hands, knead the kaju dough when it is hot enough to handle.

Make round shape of kaju dough. Place pista roll inside and carefully roll the kaju dough into roll.

Cut slices of rolls. Kaju Pista Roll is ready to be served.


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