Flax Seeds (Alsi) Chutney

Flax Seeds (Alsi) Chutney





5 min


5 min


Flax Seeds (Alsi / Tissi) 1/2 Cup
Green Chilly 1
Red Chilly 1/2
Bay Leaf 1/4
Salt As Per Taste
Lemon Juice 1/2
Water To Make Chutney
Flax Seeds Chutney

Flax Seeds Chutney

Flax seeds are shinny nuts brown in color. Including flax seeds (alsi) in your diet is very good. Flax seeds has many benefits. It is rich in fibre. It is good for hair and skin. Consumption of flax seeds can reduce risk of cancer. Flax seeds is low at cholesterol. It also helps for loosing weight.
Flax seeds is used in breads, cookies, roti, fried rice or parathas. It is also used in drinks. Roasted flax seeds powder is also eaten like mukhwas as (after food).

Flax seeds are known as tissi in Mithila in Bihar. Tissi chutney is always there in maithils diet. Tissi Chutney is made specially using different variety of lemon found in Mithila called as Jamiri Nebo. Nebo is lemon in Maithali. Jamiri Nebo (Lemon) has slightly different flavour and fragrance which makes chutney more rich in taste. You can make use of any type of lemon for this recipe.

How To Make Flax Seeds Chutney:

  • Dry roast 1/2 cup flax seeds with 1/2 red chilly and 1/4 piece of bay leaf till flax seeds starts making noise. If you want roast only flax seeds.
  • Switch off the flame and let roasted flax seeds cool down at room temperature.
  • Now grind the mixture to fine powder.
  • Remove alsi powder in a bowl. Add salt as per taste and mix.
  • Now add little water and make paste.
  • Take 1 green chilly and crush it with your fingers in flax seeds chutney.
  • Put 1/2 lemon juice on top of flax seeds chutney and mix.
  • Flax seeds (alsi) chutney is ready to be served. You can have it with dal rice or chapaties.


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