Veg Makhanwala Recipe, Veg Makhni, How To Make Restaurant Style Vegetable Makhanwala

Veg Makhanwala Recipe, Veg Makhni, How To Make Restaurant Style Vegetable Makhanwala




15 min


30 min


Cauliflower Cut Into Pieces 1/2 Cup
Carrot Cut Into Small Pieces 1 Medium
‏French Beans Cut Into Small Pieces 1/4 Cup
‏Green Peas 1/4 Cup
Tomatoes 10-12
Garlic Cloves 6-7
Medium Size Onion 1
Cashews 7-8
Butter 1 Tablespoon
Sugar or Honey 1 Tablespoon
Kasuri Methi 1/2 Teaspoon
Veg Makhanwala

Veg Makhanwala

Veg Makhanwala Recipe:

Veg Makhni / Veg Makhanwala is very rich and delicious recipe.  It has creamy flavor. Veg makhanwala recipe is prepared using most of the seasonal vegetables, tomatoes, onions, cashews and cream. We are using here cauliflower, carrots, green peas and french beans in this recipe. First we will prepare makhni gravy for our vegetables.

Makhni Gravy Recipe:

  • Heat 1 tablespoon oil and 1 tablespoon butter in a pan.
  • Add  1 chopped onions and cook till onion turns pink.
  • Put 6-7 chopped garlic cloves and 1 1/2 inch chopped ginger in it.
  • Put 7-8 cashews in it and stir.
  • Add 12 chopped tomatoes in it and stir.
  • Put  little salt and cook tomatoes properly.
  • Switch off the flame and allow the mixture to cools.
  • Once the mixture cools down blend or grind it to smooth paste.

For Veg Makhanwala:

  • Heat oil  in a pan or kadhai.
  • Add all vegetables (cauliflower, carrots, beans, peas) in the pan and stir.
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder and salt to the vegetable. Remember we have  already added little salt to the gravy so add salt accordingly.
  • Cover the lid and let the veggies cook properly. Keep on checking in between.
  • Once the vegetables are cooked add the makhni gravy to the veggies and stir.
  • Now add 1 tablespoon sugar or 1 tablespoon honey to it.
  • Add 1/2 cup cream and allow it to cook for more 5-10 mins.
  • Garnish with 1/4 teaspoon kasuri methi.
  • Veg Makhni / Veg Makhanwala is ready to be served. You can serve it with tandoori roti, naan or chapati. As per your choice.

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