Sondesh (Sandesh) – Bengali Dessert Recipe

Sondesh (Sandesh) – Bengali Dessert Recipe




10 min


10 min


Milk 1 Litre
Sugar Powder As Per Taste
Saffron Few Strands Dipped In 2 Tablespoon Milk
Pistachios For Garnish

Sondesh (Bengali Dessert)

Sondesh also called as sandesh is very popular Bengali dessert made from fresh chena. Sandesh is made in different variations. Here I am sharing simple traditional recipe.

Sondesh (Sandesh) Recipe:

  • Boil 1 litre milk. Once milk starts boiling, reduce the flame and add curd water to the boiling milk so that it starts turning into chena. You can also use lemon juice instead of curd water.
  • As soon milk turns into chena completely switch off the flame as too much cooking can turn chena hard and chewy.
  • Drain water completely from chena with the help of cloth.
  • Once water is completely drained out from chena and chena is hot enough to handle, knead it with your palm vertically to form a soft dough. Do it carefully as chena might be hot. Sprinkle some sugar powder and again keep kneading from downwards to upwards vertically with your palm such that chena becomes fluffy and soft.
  • Add 2 tablespoon saffron milk and again rub it with your palm.
  • Take small portion of kneaded chena and roll it into round shape.
  • Slightly press in centre with your thumb. Add pistachios in centre.
  • Simillarly repeat process and make all sondesh also.
  • Enjoy sandesh (sondesh) with your family and friends.

Note – As sandesh is dessert made from fresh chena it can’t be kept for next day too long. Chances are it might get spoiled so better to consume at right time. Also too much chena can upset your tummy so better have it in limits.

Sandesh Dessert

Sandesh Dessert

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