Peanuts Chikki

Peanuts Chikki


5 min


10 min

Main Ingredients

Peanuts (Shengdana) 1 Cup
Scarped Jaggery (Gud) 1 Cup
Peanuts Chikki

Peanuts Chikki

How To Make Peanuts Chikki:

  • Take 1 cup peanuts, wash and roast it well without oil till it becomes hard.
  • Remove the skin of the peanuts and keep aside.
  • Now switch on the flame for melting jaggery. Put 1 cup scrapped jaggery into the pan and cook on low flame.
    Keep stirring, you will notice jaggery melts and slowly changes the color.
  • After few minutes just drop few drops of melted jaggery into water. Remove it from water and see if it has turn hard with your finger.
  • You have to keep stirring the jaggery and in between keep checking by dropping few drops of melted jaggery in water. It took thrice for me to check the right consistency.
  • Once you feel jaggery in water turns hard with help of your fingers, just put it in mouth and bite it. You will hear that perfect (kat) cracking sound which you get in chikki after biting from teeth.
  • This is the right stage to switch off the flame and put the peanuts in jaggery.
  • Mix peanuts and jaggery nicely such that peanuts coat jaggery properly.
  • Remove the mixture on top of greased plate.
    Note – Mixing and removing on greased plate is yo be done quickly.
  • Adjust the mixture with your hand and shape it to round. Roll the mixture slightly with help of chapati roller. let it cool for sometime.
  • After 5-10 minutes you will notice chikki becomes crunchy and hard.
  • Remove it from plate and break into pieces. Peanuts chikki is ready. Enjoy!!!
Round Shengdana Chikki

Round Shengdana Chikki


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