Tikri, Khajur, Sweet Biscuit

Tikri, Khajur, Sweet Biscuit



10 min


50 min


All Purpose Flour 500 gms
Sugar 250 gms
Oil /Ghee
Cardamon 4-5
Sweet Biscuit

Sweet Biscuit

Tikri is sweet biscuit made with maida. It is also called as khajur. These biscuits are made in maithil homes and they carry these biscuits whenever they travel as these biscuits are stomach filling.

Tikri / Khajur Recipe:

For Tikri / Khajur Dough:

  • Take 500 gms maida ( all purpose flour) and add 3/4 cup ghee in it to make it khasta. Rub the mixture with the help of your fingers with both the hands for 5-10 minutes.
  • You can add more ghee if required to make it more khasta. Instead of ghee you can also use oil.
  • Add 250 gms sugar, cardamon powder and mix.
  • Now slowly add little water and mix. Be careful while adding water as we want stiff dough not soft dough for tikri which is also called as khajur.
  • Once tikri / khajur dough is ready take small portion of dough and make round balls with help of your fingers and palm.
  • Place the tikri ball on chapati roller or back of plate and press and make round discs as shown in picture with help of your fingers and palm.
  • Repeat the process for all tikri / khajur balls.

For Frying tikries / khajur:

  • Heat oil in kadai.
  • Once oil is hot put tikries / khajur in oil one by one.
  • Fry tikri on medium flame from both the sides in batches. On high flame tikri / khajur will be fried from top but inside it will be raw so fry it on medium flame.
  • Tikri / khajur will be crispier from outside and little soft from inside.
  • You can store tikries / khajur in air tight container once cooled.
Khajur ( Sweet Biscuit)

Khajur (Sweet Biscuit)


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