Double Ka Meetha Recipe

Double Ka Meetha Recipe




5 min


25 min


Bread Slices 6-7
Sugar 1/4 th Cup
Water 1/2 Cup
Ghee For Shallow Frying Bread Slices
Dry Fruits (Cashews, Almonds, Raisins, Pistachios) 3-4 Each
Rabdi Or Rabri As Per Requirement To Top Bread Slices
Double Ka Meetha

Double Ka Meetha

Double Ka Meetha is Hyderabadi dessert. This dessert is made with bread slices, sugar syrup and rabdi as main ingredients.
Bread slices are either deep fried, baked or shallow fried in ghee and then soaked in sugar syrup for 2 minutes. After soaking in sugar syrup fried bread slices are kept aside in plate and then rabdi or rabri is poured on top of it. Double Ka Meetha is garnished with dry fruits.
How To Make Double Ka Meetha:

  • We need rabdi / rabri for this dish so you can buy it from outside. It’s easily available outside in milk shops else if you want to make it at home check out my rabri recipe.
  • Take 5-6 bread slices and cut it into round shape with the help of cookie cutter. You can shape it to square, triangle whichever shape you want.
  • Heat a pan. Put some ghee for shallow frying bread slices. Flame should not be too high else bread slices might burn. Put the flame to low or medium so that bread is fried evenly from all the sides.
  • Fry all round bread slices till it turns crispier and gets light golden brown color from both the sides. Remove it and keep aside in a plate.
  • Now make sugar syrup by dissolving 1/4 cup sugar into1/2 cup water and boiling it for 5-7 minutes till sugar syrup turns sticky.
  • It’s time to soak our crispy fried bread slices one by one into sugar syrup (chasni) for 2 minutes.
  • Remove bread slices from sugar syrup and arrange it in a plate.
  • We have our rabdi (rabri) ready. Pour rabdi on all bread slices and garnish with roasted dry fruits.
  • Double Ka Meetha is ready to be served.
  • People who prefer less sugar or less sweetness in dessert can skip the step of making sugar syrup and soaking bread slices in syrup (chasni). You can directly put rabdi on fried bread slices and garnish with some dry fruits. As rabdi already has sugar in it so our dessert will be sweet.
How To Make Double Ka Meetha

How To Make Double Ka Meetha


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