Banana Malpua Recipe, How To Make Malpua

Banana Malpua Recipe, How To Make Malpua





15 min


20 min


Wheat Flour 250 gms
Milk Half glass
Sugar 100 gms
‏Banana 1
Cardamon Powder Pinch Of
Banana Malpuas

Banana Malpuas

Banana Malpua Recipe:

Malpua is very popular dessert. It is prepared in Odisha, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Bengal.  It is mostly prepared during festive season. Malpua is very popular in odisha and is served to lord Jagannath of Puri. Malpua is also prepared during holy month of Ramadan. There is a tradition of eating malpuas with mutton curry in Maithil homes of Bihar during Holi.

Malpua in Nepal is known as Marpa. It is made with use of ripe bananas, fennel seeds, black pepper, milk and sugar in the batter.  Malpuas are made in different styles and of different types. You can make malpuas with banana, pineapple, rabri, etc. It can be made with wheat flour and it can also be made of all purpose flour(maida). People also use rice flour to prepare the batter.  You can use sugar at the start in the batter or you can also first fry malpuas and then dip it into sugar syrup. I remember the malpua recipe which my mother in law shared with me was using sugar syrup and fried malpuas were dipped into it. I will share that style of malpua recipe soon.

First learn how to make yummy banana malpuas which is my favourite mostly prepared during holi festival and is made with wheat flour, banana, milk, sugar and cardamon. Try this malpua recipe, mostly kids love it.


  • Take wheat flour in a bowel.
  • Add 3/4 th banana to it.
  • Add sugar, cardamon powder.
  • Add milk slowly and mix so that the mixture does not become so thin. Use milk how much you require to make thick batter which is easily pourable.
  • Now heat a pan on medium flame and put oil in it.
  • Once oil is ready put mixture by spoon to it slowly to make round shape malpuas.
  • Put one or two malpuas at time only so that you can cook properly.
  • Fry it on medium flame.

Tasty malpuas are ready to be served.


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