Atta Halwa Recipe

Atta Halwa Recipe




5 min


10 min


Wheat Flour (Atta) 1 Cup
Sugar (Chini) 1 Cup
Ghee 6-7 Tablespoon
Water 2 Cups
Pistachios (Pista) 3
Almonds (Badam) 3
Raisins (Khismish) 3
Dry Dates (Chavhara) 3
Atta Halwa

Atta Halwa

India is well known for its desserts whether its Jalebi or Rasgulla or Rabri or Laddo. There are n no of desserts in India which are known for its taste and beauty. When we are talking about desserts in India how can I forget Halwa. Yes halwa is a dessert prepared in almost every house of India on occasions or after lunch or dinner. Gajar halwa, lauki halwa, suji halwa, moong dal halwa, atta halwa, etc are types of halwa and each halwa is popular for its taste.Atta halwa is made with minimum ingredients. It takes less time and taste delicious. Atta halwa is mostly served as prasad to God.

How To Make Atte Ka Halwa:

  • First slice or chop dry fruits and keep aside.
  • Now in a vessel take 1 cup sugar along with 2 cup of water and keep to boil till sugar gets dissolved.
  • Simultaneously heat 4-5 tablespoon ghee in a pan for halwa.
  • Once ghee becomes hot add 1 cup wheat flour (atta) and roast it by stiring continously.
  • Keep stiring till wheat flour becomes brown and is cooked properly.
  • Check the sugar might have dissolved. Pour the hot sugar water into the roasted atta (wheat flour) and mix continously till it absorbs the sugar mixture and starts becoming dry.
  • Put more 2-3 tablespoon ghee at this stage of halwa and stir continously.
  • Put half chopped dry fruits and mix again.
  • Switch off the flame atta halwa is ready to be served. Garnish halwa with rest dry fruits on top.


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