Sweet Paratha, Sugar Paratha, How To Make Sugar Paratha

Sweet Paratha, Sugar Paratha, How To Make Sugar Paratha





10 min


10 min


Wheat Flour 2 Cups
Sugar Paratha

Sugar Paratha

I love sugar parathas. Mostly kids like to eat sweet food so they enjoy these parathas.

I remember my Nani used to prepare these parathas and I used to happily eat it when I was a kid. Combination of wheat flour, sugar and ghee gives delicious taste to these parathas.

Sugar Paratha Recipe:

For Sweet Paratha / Sugar Paratha:

  • First knead a smooth and soft dough with wheat flour.
  • Now divide the dough into medium size balls.
  • Take a dough ball press slightly in the centre as we need to stuff sugar inside use your fingers and make it little deep and put 1 -2 spoon sugar in it. Depends upon the sweetness and how much you can stuff so that easily you can seal it.
  • Bring the edges of chapati together and join it in the centre.
  • Press gently and flatten. Dust it with dry wheat flour and roll it into parathas.
  • Roll gently from both the sides.
  • Heat a tava or pan and┬áplace the sugar paratha on the tava or pan.
  • Flip the paratha after 1 min and apply ghee on the cooked side. You will notice the the ghee and sugar melts and it gives very good texture to the paratha.
  • Simillarly flip again once other side of sugar paratha is cooked. Apply ghee on this side aswel.
  • Remove the paratha. Repeat the same process for other parathas also.
  • Serve sweet / sugar paratha hot as it turns hard once cools down and it becomes chewy. It depends on person’s taste. I like it both the way hot and cool. So you also try and enjoy the taste specially yours kids will love it.


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