5 min


5 min


Chapaties 3
Boiled Milk 1 Glass
Sugar 4 Tablespoon


This is my Nani’s recipe and I would love to share it with you. I remember when I was small and use to visit my Granny’s place she use to cook Malgoba for me as it was one of my favorite.

People those love eating sweet will love this recipe and those who prefer less sweet, can still use little less sugar and try this recipe I am sure they will too love this recipe.

As I was a kid she has given very cute name to this dish “Malgoba”. Hahahaha hai na cute bilkul meri tarah.
Lets take a quick look at how to make Malgoba:

This recipe is made with fresh chapaties, milk and sugar. If you love bananas you can add some pieces of banana too to this recipe.

  • Boil the milk first.
  • Now take 3 fresh chapaties, roll the first one and cut it to pieces. Simillarly roll the other 2 chapaties and cut them into pieces too and keep aside.
  • You can simply break chapaties into pieces too. Its your choice.
  • Take another vessel add chapaties pieces in it.
  • Add 3-4 tablespoon sugar to it. You can adjust the sugar as per the sweetness you love. I am adding 4 tablespoon sugar to it.
  • Now add 1 glass of hot boiled milk to it.
  • Now switch on the flame and put this vessel on it.
  • Cook this mixture till milk starts thickening.
  • Stir it in between. As soon as your milk thicken ups, switch off the flame and serve Malgoba hot. I am adding 1 banana pieces on the top.
  • If you don’t like banana with milk avoid it and you can have Malgoba simple without banana too but add it after switching off the flame.
  • Try this recipe and let me know how it was.


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