Strawberry Dessert In Glass

Strawberry Dessert In Glass




5 min


Fresh Strawberries 12-15
Cardamon Flavored Yogurt Cup Of
Digestive Biscuits 9-10
Slice Milk Cake 2-3
Cream Cup Of
Sugar 2-3 Tablespoon
Chopped Dry Fruits 1 Tablespoon
Strawberry Dessert For Kids

Strawberry Dessert For Kids

Whether it is strawberry milkshake, strawberry salad, strawberry detox water, strawberry dessert or strawberry smoothie strawberries are loved in every form.
Strawberry cheese cake, strawberry pie, strawberry triffle, strawberry panna cota are desserts popularly known for its taste and texture.
The dessert which I am sharing below is kind of strawberry triffle. It is very simple and can be quickly made. Kids will love them if they like yogurt and strawberries because in today’s dessert we are using both.

Strawberry Dessert In Glass:

  • Wash and cut 10 strawberries into halves. Remove leaves and stem.
  • Now put some sugar on strawberries and keep aside till sugar melts.
  • Take a glass and put strawberries at the bottom.
  • Now on top of it on 2nd layer put cardamon flavored yogurt.
  • On the 3rd layer crush and put some digestive biscuits along with some dry fruits.
  • Now again on 4th layer put 2-3 slices of slice cake.
  • On 5th layer put some fresh cream.
  • Again on the 6th layer goes strawberries.
  • Yogurt on 7th layer on top of strawberries.
  • 8th layer has crushed biscuit and some pieces of dry fruits.
  • Put some fresh cream on 9th layer again.
  • Finally comes strawberries again on the top 10th layer.
  • If you want you can shuffle the ingredients as per your choice.
  • Strawberry dessert in glass is ready to be served.
Strawberry Dessert In Glass

Strawberry Dessert In Glass

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